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What is incident energy?

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What is incident energy?

Incident energy is a measure of the thermal energy released during an arc flash event. It is the amount of energy per unit area that is generated by an electrical arc and is typically measured in calories per square centimeter (cal/cm2) or joules per square meter (J/m2).

Incident energy is an important factor in determining the level of hazard present in a particular situation, and it is used to determine the minimum level of PPE (personal protective equipment) required to protect workers from the thermal effects of an arc flash. The higher the incident energy level, the greater the risk of injury or damage from an arc flash.

To determine the incident energy level in a particular situation, a qualified person will perform an arc flash study, which involves analyzing the electrical system and calculating the potential energy that could be released in an arc flash event. Based on the results of the study, appropriate PPE and safety procedures can be established to protect workers from the hazards of arc flash incidents.

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