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Our journey

Development history
Development history
Discover our eighteen-year story of how we've gone from small beginnings to supporting the world's biggest companies.


In October 11, 2005, our company was founded in Haifu Garden, Shanghai, with a focus on the research and development of body protection products. By December of the same year, we successfully developed our first generation of arc protection products, marking a major milestone in our company's history.


In 2006, C&G made significant progress by promoting the concept of arc protection. We won the industry's first bid for arc protection products, and established our production workshop in Kang'an Road, Pudong to increase our production capacity.


In May 2007, we achieved two major certifications for our flame-retardant clothing products: the national production license and the safety mark certification (LA) for special labor protection articles. This recognition was a testament to our commitment to safety and quality in our products.


In October 2008, we successfully obtained the ISO9001 quality management system certification, which further validated the quality of our products and our commitment to customer satisfaction.


In May 2009, C&G relocated to Smart Industrial Park, expanding its operating area by 5 times and improving its management and organizational structure. In September of the same year, the company launched its "C&G" brand, which became crucial for its future identity and growth.


In June 2010, C&G established offices in Yunnan, Guangdong, Guangxi, East China, and Guizhou to expand its business with China Southern Power Grid in all provinces.
In August 2010, C&G collaborated with DuPont from the United States to participate in the development of industry standards for arc protection clothing.


C&G established its corporate culture in February 2011, including the "six cornerstones" and core values. In December 2011, C&G obtained the "National Industrial Product Production License" from the Shanghai Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision.


In October 2012, C&G's Alibaba platform was certified as a "Gold Supplier", marking the company's initial development in the foreign trade business department.


Jan. 2014: C&G awarded "Shanghai High-quality Contract-honoring and Promise-keeping Enterprise".
Oct. 2014: Passed ISO14001 environmental management system certification and OHSAS18001 occupational health management system certification.


In May 2015, C&G increased its investment in the research and development of special protective clothing and laboratory construction, with plans to establish a PPC research and development center.


In 2016, C&G obtained various certifications and qualifications including the "National Industrial Product Production License", safety mark certification, and production qualification for safety equipment series products. Sales offices were also established in multiple cities, and C&G became a member of Shanghai Pudong International Chamber of Commerce, signaling the start of significant growth in foreign trade business.


In 2017, C&G donated to the Pudong Charity Foundation and established a manufacturing base in Anhui. They also purchased a headquarters office building in Pudong and completed the relocation, established the C&G R&D center, and obtained the "AAA Corporate Credit Rating" certificate. In December, they launched a stock incentive plan. In 2018, C&G achieved several milestones, including obtaining the Special Labor Protection Articles Business Certificate, registering the "Arcpro" and "Stormwalker" trademarks, and obtaining 20 utility model patents. C&G also joined several industry associations and completed the construction of a fire laboratory, expanding their product line.


In 2018, C&G achieved several milestones, including obtaining the Special Labor Protection Articles Business Certificate, registering the "Arcpro" and "Stormwalker" trademarks, and obtaining 20 utility model patents. C&G also joined several industry associations, including the Shanghai Labor Protection Articles Industry Association and the China Textile Commercial Association's Safety and Health Protective Equipment Committee. Additionally, C&G completed the construction of a fire laboratory and obtained Fire CCC certification, expanding their product line.


Jan 2019: Became a member of "Electric Power;
Industry Transmission and Distribution Technology Cooperation Network";
Mar 2019: Obtained trademark registration for "诚格";
Apr 2019: Became a council member of "Shanghai Labor Protection Articles Industry Association";
Dec 2019: Obtained 5 new utility model patents and 1 invention patent;
Dec 2019: Became a member of the 2nd Council of China Labor Protection Products Alliance.


In 2020, C&G faced the global outbreak of COVID-19 and became one of the first requisitioned units in Shanghai to fight the virus. They completed a 100,000-level clean workshop in 15 days and donated epidemic prevention materials to various departments and organizations. C&G was recognized for their efforts and awarded the "Advanced Collective in Fighting against the Epidemic" and "Advanced Individual in Fighting against COVID-19" titles. They also obtained the second-class medical device operation filing certificate and established the C&G party branch and labor union. In December, C&G was elected as the vice chairman unit of the Shanghai Labor Protection Articles Industry Association.


In January 2021, C&G was awarded the "Special Contribution" award by Zhoupu Town.
In March 2021, C&G won the "Technological Innovation for Personal Safety in the Electric Power Industry" project in cooperation with universities and Southern Power Grid.
In May 2021, C&G's protective clothing series successfully obtained the CE certification from SGS.
In October 2021, C&G participated in the 8th China Live Working Technology Conference and launched a full range of solutions for 0.4kv live working.


In January 2022, C&G received the "Rising Star" Enterprise Award at the Zhoupu Town Economic Work Conference.
In March 2022, C&G participated in the city's fight against COVID-19 as a prevention and control materials guarantee enterprise.
In June 2022, C&G was awarded the "Specialized, Refined, Unique, and New" Enterprise Award for 2021 by the Shanghai Municipal Government.

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