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About Us

Shanghai C&G Providing One-Stop Safety Emergency Solutions for High-Risk Industries

Shanghai C&G Safety Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shanghai C&G") was established in 2005 and is headquartered in Shanghai, the innovation capital of China. It focuses on the safety and emergency industry, dedicating to R&D, production and sales of emergency rescue equipment, personal safety protective equipment, special functional protective clothing, safety tools and new materials of electrical fire protection and safety emergency. It is also an integrator of MRO products and services related to the safety emergency industry, providing professional one-stop solutions for various emergencies and operating personnel who may be exposed to different high-risk environments such as arcs, electric fields, high temperatures, flash fires, explosions, chemicals, and viruses. At present, its main services cover domestic and international power energy, emergency fire protection, petroleum and petrochemical, and production-oriented industrial and mining enterprises.

Shanghai C&G adheres to the spirit of innovation, continuously invests in new technology research and new product development, and has successively won the title of "Specialized in special new" in Shanghai and a national high-tech enterprise. With a R&D center and an independent laboratory in Pudong, Shanghai and long-term strategic cooperation with many professional colleges and scientific research institutions, it has continuously launched many innovative products and safety emergency solutions for various high-risk industries such as electric power, emergency, fire protection, petroleum and petrochemical industries. In addition, it also has a strong sales and service network covering the whole country. With offices or contracted authorized service providers in all provinces, it provides domestic customers with the first-time service response. At the same time, it continues to develop the international market and sell products widely in more than 110 countries around the world.

As the vice-chairman unit of the China Textile Business Association Safety and Health Protection Products Committee and the vice-chairman unit of the Shanghai Labor Protection Products Industry Association, it has successively obtained Safety signs for special labor protection products (LA) and China Certification Center for Fire Products Ministry of Public Security (CCCF). While complying with national standards, many products have passed the certification of American Standard or European Standard, and obtained ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO45001 management system certification.

Shanghai C&G is committed to building a leading brand in the safety emergency industry with technological innovation as the core and sustainable development, providing customers with one-stop safety emergency solutions, escorts for every worker and makes the world safer!

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Our commitment is to provide products that meet the safety requirements for workers in various industries, comply with relevant laws and regulations, and are approved by safety standards boards. Shanghai C&G' products not only meet the required safety standards across various industries, but also hold relevant certifications such as CE, ASTM F1959, ASTM F2621, NFPA 70E, IEC 61482, DL/T 320-2019, NFPA 2112, EN11612:2015, EN1149-5:2018, ISO 9001, ISO 14000, and OHSAS 18001. We are committed to providing high-quality protective products that comply with regulations and ensure the safety of your workers.

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