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Fire retardant Aramid coverall for oil and gas

Body Protection Flame Resistant Clothing

Fire retardant Aramid coverall for oil and gas

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fire retardant Aramid coverall for oil and gas, Standards: CE, ISO11612, EN1149, NFPA2112

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Type: Nomex coverall 
Material: Nomex® IIIA fabric, 150g/m2 (4. 5oz) / 200g/m2 (6oz)
APTV: 5. 0cal/cm2 (150g/m2) or 6. 0cal/cm2 (200g/m2)
Feature: Inherently flame resistant
Color: Navy blue, royal blue, orange, yellow, red, grey, khaki, sage green or customized colors
Size: European, Asian or customized
Standards: CE, ISO11612, EN1149, NFPA2112
Application: Oil and Gas, Petroleum, Chemical industry, Paint and other environments where flash fire may occur.

Size - Coverall


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