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Flame retardant work clothes fr coverall

Body Protection Flame Resistant Clothing

Flame retardant work clothes fr coverall

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Competitive price fire flame resistant work clothes fr coverall,Material: 350g/m2100% FR cotton; Color: Orange, Royal blue, Navy blue, Red, etc.

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  • 100% FR Cotton – coverall
  • Item No.: FRC-C350-1
  • Material: 350g/m2100% FR cotton
  • Color: Orange, Royal blue, Navy blue, Red, etc.
  • Feature: Moisture-absorbing, breathable, comfortable and durable
  • Application: Oil and Gas, Petroleum, Chemical, Paint, etc.
  • Remark: With or without reflective tapes

Product Description

Wearing C&G FR Clothing will provide thermal protection, which if exposed to electric arcs or flash fires, will self extinguish after the source of ignition is ... Clik for More

Non-treated cotton and wool are flammable fibres. If exposed to electric arcs and flash fires, these materials will continue to burn causing possible severe inj ... Clik for More

FR safety refers to the use of flame-resistant (FR) clothing and equipment to protect workers from fire and thermal hazards in the workplace. Both European and American standards have specific requirements and standards for FR safety.  ... Clik for More

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