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What is FR safety?

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What is FR safety?

FR safety refers to the use of flame-resistant (FR) clothing and equipment to protect workers from fire and thermal hazards in the workplace. Both European and American standards have specific requirements and standards for FR safety. 

What are the requirements and standards for FR safety according to European and American standards?

European standards, such as EN ISO 11612, specify the performance requirements for FR clothing, including resistance to heat and flame, convective and radiant heat, molten metal splash, and electric arc. They also require that FR clothing be labeled with information on its performance properties and washing instructions. 

American standards, such as NFPA 2112 and NFPA 70E, provide guidelines for the selection, use, and maintenance of FR clothing and equipment. NFPA 2112 specifies the minimum performance requirements for FR clothing used in industrial settings, while NFPA 70E outlines the best practices for electrical safety in the workplace, including the use of FR clothing. 

Overall, both European and American standards aim to ensure that FR clothing and equipment provide adequate protection for workers in hazardous environments.

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