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Nomex® IIIA Arc Flash & Flame-Resistant Coveralls


Nomex® IIIA Arc Flash & Flame-Resistant Coveralls

Nomex® IIIA Arc Flash & Flame-Resistant Coveralls protect workers from arc flash burns that can occur when working near electrical hazards. Coveralls are a single garment worn over personal clothing or base-layer flame-resistant clothing. They provide continuous coverage over the worker's front, back, arms, and legs to prevent sparks and spatter from entering at the waist as can happen when wearing a separate shirt and pant. Arc flash protective garments meet NFPA 70E standards for use near electrical equipment where arc flash hazards exist. Arc flash and flame-resistant material resists burning and melting and is self-extinguishing. All arc flash clothing is flame-resistant but not all flame-resistant clothing is arc flash-rated. Different garment types are often worn together to provide more coverage.

8. 7cal Arc Flash Coverall Made of Dupont® Nomex® Essential Arc Fabric

Nomex® IIIA Arc Flash & Flame-Resistant Coveralls Category 2 are generally used in those scenarios

Power Transmission and Distribution: In the power industry, anti-arc suits are used for maintenance and operation of high-voltage transmission lines, substations, and distribution equipment. These devices may produce strong arcs, and 8-caliper level anti-arc suits provide higher protective levels and effectively prevent arc accidents from harming workers.

Oil and Natural Gas Industry: In the oil and gas exploration, refining, and chemical processes, flammable and explosive environments exist. 8-caliper level anti-arc suits can protect workers from fires and explosions caused by arc accidents. These suits are typically used on oil rigs, refineries, and chemical plants.

Metallurgy and Processing: In the steel and metallurgical industries, high-temperature furnaces and metal processing equipment may produce intense arcs and flames. 8-caliper level anti-arc suits can protect workers from the heat radiation of arc flashover and flame damage. These suits are typically used in metallurgical plants, foundries, and metal processing factories.

Railway and Transportation: In the railway and transportation sector, maintenance and repair workers may need to work near high-voltage equipment such as electrified railway lines or electric tramway power systems. 8-caliper level anti-arc suits can provide protection against arc accidents harming workers.

Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry: In the chemical and pharmaceutical production processes, there are harmful chemicals and flammable and explosive substances. 8-caliper level anti-arc suits can provide protection against fires and chemical leaks caused by arc accidents harming workers.

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