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CAT 4 65 cal Arc flash robe kit

Body Protection Arc Flash Protective Clothing

CAT 4 65 cal Arc flash robe kit

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MATERIAL: INHERENTLY FLAME RETARDANT FABRIC, ITS ARC FLASH AND FR PROTECTION WILL NOT BE WASHED OUT OR WORN AWAY, Tested to ASTm F1959 and meet the standards of NFPA 70E, DL/T 320-2010, GB 8965. 1-2009, Flame retardant reflectIve tapes can be added to mak

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OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) has several requirements for arc flash protection, including:

1. Employers must assess the workplace to de ... Clik for More

Arc flash is a hazardous electrical event that can cause serious injuries, damage to equipment, and disruption of operations. Preventing arc flash requires a combination of proper electrical system design, installation, and maintenance, as well as appropr ... Clik for More

Non-compliance with Arc Flash regulations can result in serious injuries or death to employees, fines and penalties from regulatory agencies, and damage to equi ... Clik for More

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