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The difference between three-point and five-point safety harness for working at heights


The difference between three-point and five-point safety harness for working at heights

When working at heights, safety harness are important equipment to ensure the safety of workers. Among the many types of safety harnesses, three-point and five-point safety harnesses are two common choices for fall protection. They have clear differences in design and use, and they are briefly compared below.

1. Structural differences

Three-point safety harness: The biggest difference between the three-point safety harness and the five-point safety harness is the number of points of the safety harness. The three-point safety harness only has waist and two leg safety points.

Five-point safety harness: In addition to the waist and two leg safety points, the five-point safety harness also has a chest and a shoulder safety point.

2. Safety factor

Five-point safety harnesses have a higher safety factor than three-point safety harnesses, can better protect workers' bodies, and are safer and more reliable when working at heights.

3. Applicable scenarios

Three-point safety harness: suitable for lower heights, such as rooftops and inside buildings.

Five-point safety harness: suitable for higher heights, such as high-altitude working places such as towers and bridges.

To sum up, the three-point and five-point aerial work safety harnesses are different in structure and applicable occasions. When selecting, you need to consider the specific aerial work environment and operating requirements to ensure the safety of workers.
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